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Militärsanatorium Esplanade

Contemporary documents


  • The “Esplanade Belle Epoque” property was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Belle Epoque means something like “beautiful era” or “beautiful time” and describes the period at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This ornamental variety of forms was often cultivated in the metropolises of Europe. The typical style elements could be seen on and in many townhouses, but especially in cafés and cabarets, in studios and galleries, in concert halls and salons.

  • In 1903 the “AG für Sanatorium Davos Platz AG” was founded.

  • The sanatorium was opened in 1905. The chief physician was Dr. A. Schnöller.

  • In 1909 J. Steenaerts became economic director.

  • From 1927 to 1945 it was known as the “Kurhotel Esplanade”.

  • The Helios sanatorium served as a military hospital at the time. Because more and more patients came, there was soon an acute lack of space.

  • In 1945 they moved to the larger Esplanade building. This had recently been taken over by the federal government, which is why it was renamed the “Federal Military Sanatorium”. What is striking in group photos from that time is that most of the patients are wearing uniforms! However, the explanation is simple: They were all military patients, so their everyday clothes were uniforms. A book entitled “Spa Memories” has been preserved for posterity. Various patients have immortalized their impressions, their joys and sufferings and provided them with photos. A talented artist also drew extremely successful caricatures of his fellow sufferers and the care staff.

  • In 1968 the sanatorium became the “Sporthotel Pischa” and was owned by the Federal Personnel Holiday Cooperative (BFG).

  • The installation of condominiums began in April 2011. The Art Nouveau windows, the staircase and the stately reception hall were retained. Art Nouveau elements that had been covered up for decades came to light.

  • The apartments were completed in December 2013


  • The Esplanade Belle Epoque property is now a residential building with luxurious condominiums.

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