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Sanatorium Dr. Turban

Contemporary documents



The «Sanatorium Dr. Turban» was invented in 1904 by the Swiss doctor and tuberculosis specialist Dr. Alexander Spengler founded in Davos. It was one of the first sanatoriums specializing in the treatment of tuberculosis and quickly became one of the most prestigious sanatoriums in Europe.

  • After the death of dr. Spengler in 1912 the sanatorium was taken over by his son-in-law, Dr. Ernst Turban, continued and in «Sanatorium Dr. Turban» renamed. Under his leadership, the sanatorium developed into one of the leading centers for the treatment of lung diseases.


  • Many wounded soldiers were treated in the sanatorium during World War I, and in the 1920s the sanatorium was a popular place to stay for celebrities such as Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka and Hermann Hesse.

  • During the Second World War, the sanatorium was confiscated by the German occupying forces and used as a military hospital. After the war, under the direction of Dr. Turban's son, Dr. Alexander Turban, reopened and continued its work as a sanatorium.

  • In the 1950s, however, the sanatorium began to decline as new medical developments and antibiotics made treatment for tuberculosis obsolete.


  • The sanatorium finally closed in 1983.


  • The «Parksanatorium» was a hotel until it was demolished in 1968. Today the Sunstar Hotel is located there.

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