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Medizinmuseum Davos

Come in and learn about Medical history in Davos

Are you interested in the history of medicine and that of the spa town Davos? Then you should definitely take a look at this Exhibition.

Dr. Peter Flury accompanies you on the historical traces of medicine and the spa town of Davos. You will discover interesting details about the milestones in the history of tuberculosis and marvel at medical devices and instruments from the first Davos sanatoriums.


In 1918, the Davos health center had 38 sanatoriums and clinics. Today there are still a few who have survived the long history of the spa tradition in Davos.The development of Davos is shown on numerous boards. We devote ourselves in detail to Alexander Spengler. He was the man who was to establish the high-altitude health resort of Davos.


Dr. med. Karl Turban opened the first closed medical center in Davos in 1889. He turned the "open, immune" into the "disciplined" spa town of Davos. Find out more about Willem Jan Holsboer, the founder of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and great sponsor of Davos.

In May 1912 Thomas Mann visited his wife Katja in Davos. At that time she was in the forest sanatorium for a cure. Thomas Mann lived in the neighboring Villa am Stein for 3 weeks. His personal impressions and above all the descriptions of his wife, who spent several months in Davos, prompted the poet to write the novel "The Magic Mountain".


Our new exhibition with the title “Davos - through the eyes of Thomas Mann” is not a literary exhibition


Individual concise sentences from the “Magic Mountain” are closely related to the corresponding objects, devices and locations. We show original extracts from patient lists, an artificial sunlamp, old X-rays and much more.

In all areas, you are not faced with silent exhibits, but with presentations where you can also "lend a hand". Here you bring the past back to life. Let yourself be inspired for a lively discovery and research of the changing medical history of Davos.


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