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Alpine Kinderklinik Friedberg


  • In 1900, the "Friedberg" house of the "Alpine Children's Clinic Friedberg Davos" - not to be confused with the Alpine Children's Clinic, which was popularly known as "Das Tutti" - was built at Praviganweg 3 in Davos Platz as "Villa Peterhans".

  • From 1906 onwards it housed the “Pension Federspiel”.

  • From 1910 the “Pension Aicher”

  • From 1913 the “Pension Benderer” and

  • From 1915 onwards the “Pension Jecklin”.


  • From 1935 the children's clinic, run by Dr. med. Erna Spiro-Gyr, also lives in “Haus Pravigan” at Oberen Strasse 37.

  • As can be seen from an advertising brochure from the time, it did not claim to be a large sanatorium. The idea was to gather sick children and children in need of rest into a small group in order to give them the great benefits of the Davos mountain climate at a modest price. This was done with the absolute exclusion of open tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

  • The two houses of the “Alpine Children’s Clinic Friedberg Davos” were located on the edge of Davos Platz, in an open, sunny location. Almost all of the children's rooms had wide windows facing south. The comfortable lounge areas were protected on three sides and only open to the south. The garden, playgrounds and play terrace invited the group of children to engage in physical and sporting activity – in summer and winter.

  • The “Alpine Children's Clinic Friedberg Davos” was one of the institutions recognized by the Federal Office from which the health insurance members received the corresponding contributions.


  • In 1978 the “Friedberg” house had to make way for a new building. Today there are condominiums there. The “Pravigan” house is privately owned and inhabited by local families.

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