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Sanatorium Montana

Contemporary documents

Sanatorium brochure from 1906 in French. The photos here come from this brochure.


  • The “Montana Sanatorium” building was built in 1895 and initially served as a hotel.

  • The dining room was added in 1900.

  • From 1902 to 1909 it was run as the “Dannegger Sanatorium”, the owner at the time was Abraham Gredig. The doctor Dr. Friedrich Danegger was a pioneer in the treatment of lung diseases and recognized that a combination of fresh air, sunlight and rest was essential for the recovery of patients with tuberculosis.

  • In 1911 it became the Hotel Montana and was owned by the Hüsler family for many years.


  • The Hotel Montana is now owned by the Davoser Bergbahnen. The Montana Bar is located in the vestibule. The marble columns and stucco ceiling are still there, and the dining room now serves as a multi-purpose room.

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