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Sanatorium Sanitas

Contemporary documents



  • In 1899, Hugo Richter bought the site of what would later become the “Sanitas Sanatorium” from Christian Buol.

  • In 1900 he built a private house there.

  • In 1904 the building was enlarged to create a sanatorium, which from 1905 to 1907 was known as the “Homeopathic Sanatorium Dr. Fog» was conducted.


  • In 1907 it became the Hotel Splendid.

  • In 1912 the hotel was renovated and renamed the “Savoy Hotel Splendide”.

  • In 1918 civilian internees were housed there. In 1922 the hotel became the “Sanitas Sanatorium”.

  • Reconstructions and expansions were carried out in 1929 and 1956.


  • In 1988 the house was sold to the “Nederlandse Asthma Center”.


  • In 1988 the house was sold to the Netherlands Asthma Center.

  • In 2012 it was converted into private apartments - Residence Bellagio.

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