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Niederländisches Sanatorium


  • From 1897 to 1901, the “Dutch Sanatorium” operated with 30 beds in the rented Villa Magdalena at Obere Strasse 63.

  • The “Rossweide” villa, built around 1885 by General R. M. Haig (Haig lived in Davos from 1879 to 1900), was acquired in 1901 and converted into the “Dutch Sanatorium Davos” with 48 beds.

  • With the purchase of the Regina-Alwin double villa in 1920, the capacity was increased to 63 beds. Despite ongoing renovations and extensions, there was a chronic lack of space

  • The foundation stone was laid in 1939 and the new “Dutch Sanatorium Davos” with 130 beds was opened in 1943. The architects were Van Nieukerken and Hanns Engi. Some of these beds were occupied by patients from the Zurich and the “Basel Höhenklinik”. After the war, the Dutch sanatorium became the largest spa in Graubünden with 400 patients and 150 employees

  • At the beginning of the 1950s, the capacity had to be reduced to 200 beds and the treatment was switched from tuberculosis to asthma.

  • In 1957 the sanatorium was renamed the “Dutch Asthma Center Davos” (NAD). The NAD was further expanded along Symondsstrasse (Villa Eugenia, new house).

  • In 1990, it achieved its largest structural expansion with the purchase of the “Sanatorium Sanitas”, including a connecting corridor and an underground car park under Scalettastrasse.

  • In 2004 the NAD moved to the “Hochgebirgsklinik Davos”. The old buildings were sold to the NL Merem Foundation and to local real estate investors. As a result, the empty main building was temporarily used as “Holland House”.


  • After the property was sold, the buildings on Symondsstrasse were demolished in 2013.


  • In 2015, the clinic operations were relocated to an annex of the “Zurich Rehab Center” in Clavadel.

  • ​​

  • Today the “AMERON Resort Hotel” stands there.

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