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Sanatorium Schweizerhof


  • In 1869/70, the “Sanatorium Schweizerhof” at Promenade 50 in Davos Platz was built as a hotel. The owner was Adolf Stahel from Turgi / Aargau.

  • From 1873 to 1903 the house was under the management of Franz Gelbke, who married the widow Marie Stahel-Lützelschwab.

  • The “Villa Gelbke”, built in 1884, was connected to the hotel.

  • On November 1, 1903, after thorough renovation and expansion by the Pfleghard and Häfeli company, Zurich, the hotel was converted into the “Sanatorium Schweizerhof”. The chief physician was Dr. Oswald Peters, economic director, initially became N. Tarnutzer, and from November 1, 1904 R. Neimeier.

  • Hotelier Gelbke left Davos in 1903 and died in Hanover in 1909.

  • The “Sanatorium Schweizerhof” was a closed institution for the admission of lung patients and their relatives according to the strict principles of Dr. Turban. The building's long front faced directly south. Five spacious lounge halls, only open to the south, which were directly accessible from the individual floors, were used for communal reclining. All were equipped with electric lights and bells. 18 rooms had their own lounge areas that covered the entire width of the room.

  • The interior of the house was friendly and comfortable, but at the same time it was furnished strictly according to the requirements of modern sanatorium hygiene.

  • On the ground floor there were the medical rooms (waiting room, examination and operating room, laboratory, shower and X-ray room), on the floor above there was the beautiful dining room, the comfortably furnished hall, the music room, a writing room, a reading room and the library room.

  • The upper floors contained 100 bedrooms with 110 beds to accommodate spa guests and their companions. All rooms had electric lights and bells, which were connected to the sisters' room on duty at night. Some rooms had their own cold and hot water toilet. All floors were connected to the office and the doctor's room by an in-house telephone. Another telephone was used to connect to the local telephone network.


  • From 1945 the “Schweizerhof” property was once again a hotel.


  • In 1952, the “Hotel Schweizerhof” was bought by the Davos hotelier family Morosani.

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