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Russisches Sanatorium


  • In 1878, the Russian Sanatorium building at Oberen Strasse 14 in Davos Platz was built as a school sanatorium for girls and a women's boarding school. It was led by Fr. Otten from Wiesbaden and Ms. Rittershausen. Medical care was provided by Dr. W. Beely-Bavier responsible. It was intended to accommodate girls of all ages and boys up to the age of 12 of all nationalities and religions who, as asthmatics, bleach addicts or mild lung sufferers, required a longer stay in the high mountains.

  • What was offered was a healthy life with conscientious supervision and care, the most careful diet, a sociable family life and - if desired but not obligatory - lessons in all subjects.

  • For a short time the house was converted into an English family guest house.

  • In 1901, Anna and Bertha Dickes bought the property and ran it as a “school sanatorium for girls, prophylactic patients and the slightly ill”.

  • In 1908 the institute was bought by Conrad Zehnder and completely renovated. It continued as a school sanatorium and girls' boarding school. The small wooden house “Casetta” with a gable roof in the immediate vicinity served as staff accommodation and existed until 1972.

  • In 1913 the house was sold to the “Russian People’s Sanatorium Davos” association and operated as such with 35 beds. Dr. M. Mikushevich and Dr. Weissstein took over the management and operation of the sanatorium.


  • As a result of the outbreak of the First World War and especially the upheaval in the Tsarist Empire - the October Revolution of 1918 - the sanatorium soon ran into great difficulties. It had to be closed due to lack of funds.

  • It was only able to reopen in 1920 thanks to donations from the Western European emigrant colony.

  • In 1934 this Russian institution had to finally close.

  • In 1937 Franz Erhard-Baumann bought and renovated the property. From then on there was running water in all rooms. The house was reopened as “Hotel Slalom”.

  • In 1971, confectioner Erwin Fäh bought the property.

  • It was thoroughly renovated in 1972/73 and from then on served as a staff house under the name “Angelika”.


  • Most recently, the building of the former “Russian Sanatorium Davos” was the “Angelika” staff house.


  • It was demolished in 2000 and today there is a house with condominiums there.

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