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Sanatorium Sursum


  • The beginnings of the “Sanatorium Sursum” go back to the early years of the 20th century.


  • In 1912 the foundations were laid with the construction of the “Hotel Conrady”. The construction showed elements of Art Nouveau, as are also known from the “Hotel Schatzalp”.


  • The hotel operated as such until 1924, when it was converted into a private sanatorium. The management of the sanatorium changed repeatedly until the 1950s - and with it the name of the house.


  • Between 1938 and 1953 the hotel was known as the “Sanatorium Sursum”.

  • In the 1960s, the basic structure of the house was changed. Meanwhile run by Benedictine nuns, the building was expanded to include an extension on the right side. It was named “St. Vinzenz” continued as a sanatorium and guesthouse.


  • Since the takeover in 1996, constant renovations have been made.


  • With the change of ownership in 1996, the house returned to its original function - hotel operations. The external shape of the house has remained the same today, the interior has been adapted to the times.

  • The Art Nouveau building, which is around a hundred years old, was carefully modernized, the 35 rooms were dusted off and spiced up with subtle design elements. ​The house chapel, where nuns once prayed, has been converted into double-decker suites; instead of shared showers, there are now modern bathrooms and a small sauna.

  • The family hotel “Edelweiss” is now a popular destination for families and sports enthusiasts.

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