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Sanatorium Schatzalp

Contemporary documents



  • The “Schatzalp Sanatorium” was built between 1898 and 1900 on the initiative of the Dutchman Willem Jan Holsboer, who immigrated to Davos.

  • The house, designed as a luxury sanatorium, was the most advanced sanatorium in the region. The construction of the main building was extremely avant-garde as one of the first reinforced concrete buildings ever.

  • The building functioned as a health resort for almost fifty years. According to the opinion of the time, the sunny location as well as the good Alpine air and cleanliness were supposed to represent an ideal climate for curing consumption. The building was therefore facing south and all rooms had balconies for patients to lie down on.

  • When the first effective drugs against the tuberculosis bacterium came onto the market at the end of the 1940s, sanatoriums for lung patients became unnecessary.


  • In 1954, the spa on Schatzalp was finally converted into a hotel.


  • Today the “Hotel Schatzalp” is a popular destination for tourists and an important part of the history of Davos and Switzerland. It was also used as inspiration for the novel “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann, which is set in Davos and describes life in a sanatorium during the period before the First World War.

  • The Hotel Schatzalp has been a member of Swiss Historic Hotels since 2007.

  • In 2008 it was named Historic Hotel of the Year by ICOMOS Switzerland.

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